This is a game I worked on with Babycastles for the American Natural History Museum. Ivan Safrin created Space Cruiser specifically for the Hayden Planetarium, for a special event on January 26th, 2012.
Multiple players use control modules to navigate the Space Cruiser through an asteroid field. Players must initiate repairs and fire lasers at incoming asteroids to safely enter into hyperspace.

In addition to design collateral for the event, I wrote the game's script and directed the vocal talents of Stephin Merritt from the Magnetic Fields, who performed as the Space Cruiser's onboard computer.
A three day symposium hosted at the Museum of Art & Design, the Babycastles Summit featured a selection of lectures, panels, live performances, and workshops — as well as a selection of games designed by Keita Takahashi and programmed exclusively for the event.
The event took over three floors of the museum, including the arcade gallery which was turned into an interactive jungle designed and built in collaboration with Neil Fridd and his collective, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. In addition to design collateral for the physical space, I helped in the pre-production process of pairing developers with artists. During the summit, I directed a video crew to document the events.
Kaho Abe & Syed Salahuddin working on the installation.
Takahashi, best known as the creator of Katamari Damacy, created a series of designs based on original arcade and Nintendo games, which Babycastles recreated for a public gallery setting.
3D Pac-Man
Keita Takahashi's original concept design.
3D Pac-Man Project lead by Dr. Clement Shimizu.Video shot & edited by Chris Person at Kotaku.
Scroll Shooter
Keita Takahashi's original design concept.
Pac-Man Project lead by Ivan Safrin.Video shot & edited by Chris Person at Kotaku.
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