SwissGear approached us to overhaul their website as they focused on bringing their big box retail operation into their own online retail shop. Having a brand as ubiquitous as the Swiss Army family lead our client's customers to search them out online, as SwissGear has spent the past twenty years selling their products through retail stores across the country. Mostly repeat buyers, SwissGear customers were eager to switch to the online retail option, the name and quality of the products keeping them exceptionally brand-loyal.
With an iconic brand like SwissGear, we couldn't resist transforming their classic lozenge into the main navigation element for the mobile site. 
Most importantly, the mobile site needed a total overhaul. Bringing together a bare-bone minimal design, we simplified the site to take you from homepage to checkout in just finger taps.
While the site is slowly being updated by their internal staff, you can check out the site in progress live at
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